What Designers should be saying to one another

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3 min readDec 25, 2023

Instead of bickering on LinkedIn

Let’s Boldly Face Reality

Everything you consider essential, believe in your ability to procure it. Creating an environment of acceptance and harmony should be at the core of your endeavors. Let no one persuade you otherwise.

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You are worthy of achieving your needs and ambitions, irrespective of the magnitude of the battles you have to conquer to get there.

Dampen the voices around you suggesting what your ‘do’s and ‘don’t’s should be.

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They might rattle you initially, but soon, they morph into mere background noise — like calm, soothing white noise.

Such white noise isn’t daunting. Instead, it propels tranquility and subtly reassures that you’re pioneering in the most lucrative direction.

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And you undeniably are. Because forging your path bearing the flag of independence and unwavering belief in your vision transcends conventional wisdom.

This unique capacity complements the primary essence of your existence, the navigational compass leading you towards your aspirations.

Now that we’ve cleared the air, it is time to unshackle yourself from tradition.

Choose not just to endure, but to lead personalized patterns in the professional sphere.

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Aspire, aim, and substantially influence the course of your journey. Assert that you deserve everything you yearn for, and don’t settle for anything less.

Our age does not constrain our abilities. we display resilience, determination, and a notable edge that constantly elevates us as we conquer each wave.

Harness any obsticles and use them as your catalyst, driving you to confront, to create, and to ascend the professional ladder with unreserved confidence and relentless ambition.

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And remember, you are unquestionably moving in the right direction — boldly and brilliantly

You should stop trying to prove the value you of your work to people who refuse to see it

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